Introduction to the wRemote

wRemote devices allow management of inputs/outputs and remote serial ports over 802.15.4 wireless connection, accessing them from control device using Modbus protocol. This eliminates cables and simplifies the installation process further by including inputs/outputs on the same equipment.

Purpose of this Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide instructions to install and operate the wRemote device quickly and easily.

Telemetry Wireless Solutions

The wRemote assembly is based on a mesh-type wireless network according to 802.15.4, for this device there is a concentrator in charge of forming the network and other nodes that connect the same with an ID number and repeats increasing the scope.

The device has two modes of configuration that are able to function at the same time:

Wireless access to MODBUS slaves

This solution allows us to connect Modbus devices to the remote nodes with the RS232 or RS485 ports and access them through the concentrator.

Wireless Inputs/Outputs using MODBUS protocol

This solution allows us to monitor the physical inputs/outputs of the nodes, by reading the internal Modbus slave on the concentrator.