Introduction to the wTunnel

The wTunnel devices allow the replication of inputs / outputs and remote series ports through an 802.15.4 wireless communication. This is between two devices, one set in “Mode A”, the other set to “Mode B”.

This eliminates cables and simplifies the installation process further including inputs / outputs on the same device.

Telemetry Wireless Solutions

The wTunnel assembly is based on the wireless IEEE 802.15.4 network standard. These devices feature a “Mode A” responsible for forming the network and another, “Mode B”, that connects to the formed network.

The device basically allows you to mirror the inputs, outputs and serial port of another device. This means that if we excite for example, digital input 1 on a device, we will see the reflected actuation of digital output 1 on the other.

Inputs / Outputs replication

With this solution we can replicate effects in digital inputs of a device that will be reflected in the other digital outputs. Changes in the analog inputs will be seen as changes in the others analog outputs. The same will happen with the data that are sent through the serial port.